WARNING:This product contains nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mime’s Masterful toolbag

The Mime’s masterful toolbag and the Mime’s accessories bag were launched today. It is the newest cooperate project between Vapefly & German 103 Team. 
It is the 3rd year since the German 103 team was established, a series of projects have been developed by Vapefly & The German 103 Team, from the Brunhilde series to Kriemhild and Siegfried, now the Mime. 
The Mime’s masterful toolbag was made of priority PU, which makes it different from other tool kits. It including pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, coiling kit, etc. Totally 17 tools for rebuilding. Every tool was of high quality and design for convenient use. All you need is the Mime’s masterful toolbag.

Why do the Mime’s accessories bag come together? When going out a lot of other stuff will carry together, such as cotton, ejuice, batteries, etc. So the Mime’s accessories bag comes out. With around 1.8L capacity it can carry your daily use items going out.
What do you expect of the next project from Vapefly & German 103 Team?
For more information, please check:www.vapefly.com/mimes-masterful-toolbag.

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