WARNING:This product contains nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



  • Mime’s Masterful toolbag

    Mime’s Masterful toolbag

    The Mimes masterful toolbag and the Mimes accessories bag were launched today. It is the newest cooperate project between Vapefly German 103 Team. It is the 3rd year since the German 103 team was established, a series of projects have been...

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  • Brunhilde SBS 100W Kit

    Brunhilde SBS 100W Kit

    The Brunhilde SBS 100W Kit was launched today. It is a cooperation between Vapefly and the German community (Facebook group Vapefly Deutschland Offiziell, 9.6K members in total). Vapefly is always committed to providing products that meet u...

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  • Brunhilde SBS 100W Kit & Mime’s Masterful Toolbag are coming soon!

    Brunhilde SBS 100W Kit & Mime’s Masterful Toolbag are coming soon!

    On 16th June Vapefly will launch a serial of new products. Including the Brunhilde SBS 100W Kit, which is cooperating with the German community (Facebbbo Vapefly Deutschland Offiziell group, 9.6K members in total);...

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  • Vapefly Galaxies 30W Kit

    Vapefly Galaxies 30W Kit

    The smallest rugged mod kit Galaxies 30W from Vapefly was launched today....

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  • Vapefly Kriemhild II

    Vapefly Kriemhild II

    Start The New Era of the Mesh2.0 with Vapelfy Kriemhild II . Since the Kriemhild tank makes great success in the market for a while. Vapefly team decides to make another Suh-ohm tank with New Atomization technology at the beginning of 2021....

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  • Vapefly Optima pod mod (Vapefly JesterX pod mod)

    Vapefly Optima pod mod (Vapefly JesterX pod mod)

    Congratulations VAPEFLY released the new product- Vapefly Optima Pod mod (Vapefly JesterX pod mod -Germany version) with Worlds first RMC conception today. Currently, Pod mod become main stream in the vape industry. Vapers are looking for Sm...

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