WARNING:This product contains nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



  • Vapefly Kriemhild II

    Vapefly Kriemhild II

    Start The New Era of the Mesh2.0 with Vapelfy Kriemhild II . Since the Kriemhild tank makes great success in the market for a while. Vapefly team decides to make another Suh-ohm tank with New Atomization technology at the beginning of 2021....

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  • Vapefly Optima pod mod (Vapefly JesterX pod mod)

    Vapefly Optima pod mod (Vapefly JesterX pod mod)

    Congratulations VAPEFLY released the new product- Vapefly Optima Pod mod (Vapefly JesterX pod mod -Germany version) with Worlds first RMC conception today. Currently, Pod mod become main stream in the vape industry. Vapers are looking for Sm...

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  • Vapefly Manners Pod

    Vapefly Manners Pod

    BACKGROUND Pods have gradually become commonplace in the vaping industry, especially in China. Almost 90% of vapers are using a pod system. However, there is a serious lack of diversity and innovation in the pod sector. Vapefly has always b...

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  • Siegfried Kit is coming!

    Siegfried Kit is coming!

    After365daysofplanninganddevelopment,KriemhildspartnerSiegfriediscomingsoonwith theSwordBalmungandtheDragonFafnir! Althoughthee-cigaretteindustrywasseverelyaffectedbythesuddenunexpectedCov-19 epidemicthisspringandallChinesefactorieswereclos...

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  • Vapefly TGO Pod Mod Launched on 15th July

    Vapefly TGO Pod Mod Launched on 15th July

    TGO Pod Mod is Vapeflys first heavy hitter for 2020, and after a full 11 months of meticulous polishing and countless nights spent by the entire team discussing and testing, Tgo has finally launch to the market on 15th July. 2019 is a thoug...

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  • Vaping and Coronavirus: What We Know and What We Don’t

    Vaping and Coronavirus: What We Know and What We Don’t

    On March 8, as the coronavirus pandemic took over American TV screens and front pages, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio took the stage to speak to city residents about the virus and the disease it causes, called COVID-19....

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