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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is German 103 Team?

The Origin of German 103 Team
German 103 team is a cross-border charity team jointly founded by Vapefly, famous Youtuber Dampf Wolke and many German-speaking vapers in April 2018. It aims to help smokers stay away from cigarettes, advocate healthy lifestyle, design and develop healthier and more innovative vape products to replace cigarettes. In order to attract more people to join our team, we continued to find public spirited vaping enthusiasts in Germany. Finally, we gathered 101 members, together with Vapefly, we formed the German 103 team.
We hope to change the lifestyle of smokers, get more attention on the lung diseases caused by smoking, help smokers quit smoking, and support more people in need through charitable donations.


German 103 Hot Products
So far, Vapefly and German 103 team have jointly developed several hot products, such as Core RTA, Brunhilde Top Coiler RTA, Brunhilde MTL RTA and Kriemhild Sub Ohm Tank, among which Brunhilde RTA, German 103 first charity project, became the most popular RTA in the German market in 2019 with its unique appearance and exquisite technology. As soon as it was released in February 2019, it was sought after by numerous vapers. In order to rush to buy the Brunhilde RTA on the first day of sale, many vapers had already lined up in the cold wind in the early morning, waiting for the launch of Brunhilde RTA.
In addition, since the beginning of 2019, we have been working on the new product with our German 103 team, the Kriemhild Sub Ohm Tank, and finally it will first be released in Germany in February 2020. After countless times of careful polishing and modification by our team members, many customers have pre-ordered it before the release, making it another sub ohm tank that leads the German vaping market after Brunhilde RTA.


Our Charities
Vapefly and German 103 team have jointly worked on 3 charity projects till now. Brunhilde RTA, as the first charity project, has become the best selling RTA in Germany in less than half a year. In May 2019, Vapefly and German 103 team held a formal donation ceremony at The Hall of Vape Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany. We hereby invited representatives of charity F.U.N.K. e.v to attend the ceremony. Before the exhibition, our German 103 member Markus made a huge check for us for this donation. In front of thousands of vapers on the scene, we handed over this check with a total value of $25,385.00 dollars to F.U.N.K. e.v. charity, which was warmly applauded and recognized by the audience.


In addition, we also cooperated with YouTube influencer Dampflion on charity donation activities. In April 2019, Dampflion had a live stream on his YouTube channel Charitylion to auction our first batch of Brunhilde RTA, and finally raised €1730 and €2100 euros respectively. In August of the same year, Dampflion auctioned Vapefly's second charity project Brunhilde MTL RTA online in the same way. 5 pcs of Brunhilde MTL RTA raised €1600, €1300, €1670, €1600 and €1666 euros respectively. The money was donated by Dampflion to German local charities.
Growth and Friendship
Since established, members of Vapefly and German 103 have been united and mutually encouraged with the same vision. Along the way, we share the achievements and joy, and work together to face and resolve the difficulties.
In January 2019, Vapefly went to Germany to visit the small vape show in Trier. Learning this news, Sunnyside Vape organized a warm welcome party for us in the shop. Martin and other German 103 members also came to meet us.


On January 20th, in order to celebrate the official launch of Brunhilde RTA, Peter, one of the team members, organized another welcome party for us in Weloch, Germany, and invited other German 103 members as well as a large number of fans of Brunhilde RTA to attend. Among them, a couple from Switzerland drove more than 100 kilometers to Germany overnight just to attend this special party. The significance of this gathering is not only to celebrate the first launch of Brunhilde RTA, but also the first offline meeting for German 103 team members. While cheering, we narrowed the communication distance between each other and broke the barriers across the ocean.

In May 2019, Vapefly went to Stuttgart, Germany to participate in The Hall of Vape. On the first day of the exhibition, our German 103 members Anne and Frank arrived at the exhibition early in the morning and brought us delicious homemade cupcakes. Markus brought us local famous snacks. In addition, in order to support us, they were enthusiastic to take on the job of interpretation for us on the spot, to receive German customers who came to our booth, so that customers could feel the professional and thoughtful service.

Our Mission
German 103 team always adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship to create every product to meet the vapers’ demand for the product. Our professional permeates every small detail of the product. In the future, we will continue to keep our intention and bring more love and hope to the world.
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