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Vapefly Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA

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  1. RF.Fladder |

    2018-07-18 上午4:05

    The Dimensions in “Parameter” are confusing. This should be reworked…

    1. Lucy |

      2018-07-20 下午12:28

      Thanks for your advice , revised =)

      1. RF.Fladder |

        2018-07-23 上午1:26

        If you change the Drip Tip Diameter and Length from cm to mm, every thing looks great ? ?

  2. NO NO NO |

    2018-07-23 上午10:57

    May be vapefly will put on big drip tip inside 🙂

    1. Lucy |

      2018-07-24 下午5:46

      It has a long drip inside , but no big drip tip,thank you

  3. Matt |

    2018-07-28 下午11:36

    Where can I buy one?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-07-31 下午3:11

      Can I know where do you located ?

      1. mph |

        2019-04-17 下午6:04

        Same question. I’m in Poland

          1. dewaal |

            2019-11-07 下午12:55

            where can i buy it in south africa

  4. Petch |

    2018-08-04 上午1:10

    really wanna know about the blue color drip tip.
    is it gonna be transparently matching with the atty, or it’s just black?

    i’d love to get the matchy color, but now i can see they are both black delrin

    1. Lucy |

      2018-08-06 下午5:52

      Yes they are both black , thank you !

  5. khaled Samy |

    2018-08-12 上午6:00

    I would like to pay one tank in Cairo, Egypt ?

  6. Chris |

    2018-08-31 下午7:11

    Can I use it without squonk mod?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-09-04 上午8:32

      Yes of course , there is a regular 510 pin pre-installed.

      1. Chris |

        2018-09-05 下午7:25

        Thank you Lucy! 🙂

  7. Mike |

    2018-09-07 上午4:33

    Hello, I would like to know something about the colored atomizers. What kind of paint is it? Is it anodized ? Can the color inside the tank come off after some time?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-09-07 下午2:49

      Hi , the color is by vacuum coating , it won’t come off by time

  8. Paul |

    2018-09-08 上午10:10

    I would like to buy a couple of the shorter black drip tips. Do you sell them separate? Thanks

  9. Salvatore scandale |

    2018-09-08 下午2:21

    Thanks you lucky

  10. Jake |

    2018-09-12 下午8:35

    Please make replacement o-rings available for separate purchase.

    Very happy with the RDTA and the kit comes with extra o-rings but I hope to use it for many many years so I will eventually need additional o-rings.

  11. Sergei |

    2018-10-04 上午4:26

    Good day! Bought a vapefly galaxy mtl rdta squonk-loved the drip . This is a fantastic , technologically advanced and is very convenient , easy to install the coils and wool. Very tasty dripka, and even tastier digiflavor siren 2. I admire this product. But there are moments-the drip type need to make the length 20 mm longer and the inner diameter 2 mm larger because the liquid accumulates at the end . And even if you did tank volume additional 4 ml respectively, and this tank would make the pin and a drip tip , about which I wrote above , people would take it as an additional kit because the tank is small . And so very elegant gripka my favorite , better than Siren 2 . I wrote a great review on aliexpress and write here because it’s super . Thank you for the high-quality and technological dripka . Prosperity and prosperity to you .

  12. volcarock |

    2018-10-18 上午5:53

    But what about additional colored translucent tanks ?
    I really love the colors of your 24mm outer diameter MTL RDA.
    Would like to have tanks with those colors (yellow, orange, blue) for the MTL RDTA 🙂
    many greetz from Germany

  13. Ome Mies |

    2018-10-21 上午10:09

    After trying all kinds of stuff over the past 6 years, i think i have finally found a system that fullfills all my wishes. Outstanding flavor, and low liquid consumption. Highly practical, well thought out. Low risk of breaking the glass, since it is very small. Easy to build, no leakage, and good airflow control. I no longer use the GT III or the KF V5. Full marks guys. Top class tank.

  14. Geeman |

    2018-11-28 下午2:45

    Is there a way to make this a 4ml tank.
    Love this tank BTW.

  15. Aberz |

    2018-12-01 下午7:11

    Will the replacemebt glass of galaxies RTA MTL tank fit this tank ? Both Tank has 22.22mm diameter, I want to up grade this tank to hold 3 or 5ml liqui

  16. Rescho |

    2018-12-02 下午7:47

    I love this RDTA. Maybe you create one with 5ml liquid capasity and two stainless steel wires for the liquid feeding (MTL Brunhilde :-)) without squonking pin. In my opinion there are a lot of people out there where might love this kind of atomizer two. Regards

  17. Merten |

    2018-12-04 下午11:53

    …I plan to use the Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDTA only with the tank and without squonking. Could you please tell me the best way to setup the cotton. I heard many youtubers saying, that it is not a good idea to to let the cotton all the way down to the tank. How are your thoughts on that? For myself I see no disadvantage of using this RDTA this way, or am I wrong?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-12-05 下午3:31

      Hello Merten , if you dont want squonking , just use the normal 510 pin in the bottom . You can do like youtuber saying , they are professional for that . For this RDTA , the easy use and outstanding flavor is the most point , thank you !

  18. David |

    2018-12-10 上午1:41

    Love the new Galaxies mtl rdta. Perfect air flow and great taste from any eliquid. I’ve tried a bunch of mtl tanks and rda’s and this is the best one yet, thank you Vapefly. One thing I do ask from Vapefly is to please, please, please make a bubble tank that holds more ejuice that’s all that’s missing from this mtl rdta. If you decide to make a bigger glass tank for this rdta, please send me an email so i can place an order on a couple of them. Again, Than You

  19. Adib |

    2018-12-24 下午1:03

    Can i use salt nic on this?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-12-28 下午5:07

      Of course Adib

  20. mph |

    2019-04-17 下午5:58

    Hi, Where i can buy this atomizer in Poland?

  21. nim |

    2019-08-03 上午4:57

    Where mesh version? I love RDTA plus mesh but i want something like this.

  22. Scott |

    2019-08-19 下午10:43

    Hi, I was wondering if a seal set was going to be available in the future for separate purchase? I do love this tank and it has performed brilliantly so far but I regularly disassemble my tanks for cleaning and therfore probably consume more seals than the average user. I also like my equipment to last many years and it would be reassuring if replacement seals were available. I wish to purchase several more of these tanks to save swapping out flavours, but I am hesitant and are tempted to stick to drippers as o-rings are easily sourced from many manufacturers. It is a shame when a tank becomes unusable because of an inability to purchase a replacement part. Thanking you.

    1. Lucy |

      2019-08-22 下午5:31

      Thank you for suggesting. We’ll try to change.

  23. Byron |

    2019-09-17 上午7:09

    Would this tank fit on a Vaporesso Swag?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-09-24 上午9:50

      Yes, they are able to matched

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