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  1. Tim |

    2018-02-08 上午9:45

    Hello! I am so happy about my new Mesh plus rdta that I bought. But there is something i miss. Could you please tell me, where I can buy your “No dry burn” Mesh Coils or can you send some to me? Thank you for helping! Best regards, Tim.

    1. Lucy |

      2018-02-08 下午2:27

      Hi,Thanks for your asking.
      Please purchase here:https://www.heavengifts.com/Vapefly_b540.html

    2. David Burn |

      2019-06-21 下午8:01

      Can you please tell me where in the UK stocks them please can’t find one

  2. James |

    2018-06-28 上午1:21

    After having tried several atomizers from various companies, I have to say that this one has become my favorite. The vape is smooth, the taste is good, the deck is easy to build on, and my tongue is finally safe from the spitback. I’m vaping the SS316L, with .15 ohms, at 55 watts. IMO, unbelievable, but true! A dry-burn is still possible, just not as bad as the others on the market. For me, it’s fantastic, and I can’t wait to get my hands on another one. Any idea when they’ll be “for sale” in Europe?

  3. Michele Duncan |

    2018-07-17 下午6:08

    I think mesh rebuildables are a more trouble than they re worth. Mesh coil heads on the other hand, are spectacular

  4. alan |

    2018-10-03 下午4:38

    Is there a squonk pin for this tank?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-10-12 上午9:54

      Yes,there is a BF pin in spare part bags

  5. Aleo Veuliah |

    2018-10-05 上午6:12


    That is because you do not build well mesh coils like many reviewers do not, or not even tried a mesh RDA. If you still have not one and if you buy one, build like this:

    First clamp one side, put the cotton tight, then clamp other side, be aware that till you get used you may need to drip more than with regular coils.

  6. Alex |

    2018-10-08 上午6:59

    Can u show, how install coils and cotton?

  7. Lex Masbad |

    2018-12-25 下午1:13

    Is there a video where the squonk feature is shown for this tank?

  8. Harry Nice |

    2019-03-14 下午10:13


    The Mesh Plus RDTA is my absolute favourite tank! I have a problem though: I really want a BF pin for it but my original tank didn’t come with one. I have since bought two more and NONE of them had a squonk pin in the spare parts bag as stated. Do you know where I can get the squonk pins separately, or can you send me a couple please?



    1. Lucy |

      2019-03-19 上午9:54

      Hello Harry , thanks for supporting us , our customer service will contact you directly for that , thank you !

  9. Aleksey |

    2019-06-25 上午3:26

    Hi ! Where can I buy spare rings for this tank ? Thank you !

  10. Aleksei |

    2019-08-13 下午9:04

    Can i change a spare glass,for example 4-5 ml?
    Thank you.

    1. Lucy |

      2019-08-22 下午7:41

      Sorry,dear, there’s no spare glass of 4-5ml

  11. Wayne |

    2019-10-24 上午5:45

    By FAR the best RDTA I have ever used, I now have 2 spares on standby. It does not leak. Using mesh, batteries last 5 times as long as they do with standard coils, and vapor clouds are large and cool. I build mine with 150 SS mesh @ 0.16 – .0.22 ohm, it last 2 weeks or longer. I run it on TC SS 430 degrees Farenheit , on a Geek Vape Aegis. Last build I vaped for a month and it was still going, just got a bit charred on mesh but cotton was still good, not burnt. I think it is quite easy to build if done properly. I am VERY happy with mine. I am confused why it is not more popular or available at more places in U.S. Thanks Vapefly for one awesome Mesh RDTA!!!

    1. Lucy |

      2019-10-31 下午4:26

      Thanks for your support to Vapefly.

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