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Vapefly Jester Rebuildable Pod System



  1. Nicole Bring |

    2019-06-03 下午9:20

    Ich würde das Podsystem sehr sehr gerne testen 👌🏻

    1. Sebastian |

      2019-07-30 上午6:57

      Hey Builders,

      this is so amazng…PLS give me a try

      Coming from Germany and its very famous to be in the Scene since beginning


      Greets Sebastian

      1. Lucy |

        2019-07-30 上午9:02

        thank you for your support

  2. Ramy haddad |

    2019-06-04 上午1:51

    I want to ask about the release date and price For bulk order,
    Starting from 30 piece to about 50.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-05 下午2:14

      hello, what is your email?

      1. Andrew |

        2019-07-22 下午10:12

        Perfect, just what I have been looking for. Can you let me know when I can get this in the UK?

        1. Lucy |

          2019-07-25 下午12:10

          thanks for your support, next month it will release

  3. Tyo |

    2019-06-04 上午4:52

    Nice product sir how to i get this sample 😁😁😁

  4. Dario |

    2019-06-04 上午5:25

    When the selling of this pod starts?
    The DIY version gave me hype!

  5. khairuddin bin Abdullah |

    2019-06-04 下午9:50


    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-11 上午11:20

      May I have your email?

  6. Mohamed mortada |

    2019-06-04 下午9:57

    When it will be released at the market
    What is the price?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-11 上午11:00

      May I have your email, please? will send you the details by email.

  7. Davide |

    2019-06-05 上午12:51

    X1 DIY for review! ❤️

  8. Tobi |

    2019-06-05 上午1:05

    Can´t wait to get my hands on the DIY System. Looks brilliant. Excactly what people like me always wanted =) *inlove*

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-05 上午11:47

      thank you.

  9. Patrick Pohl |

    2019-06-05 上午3:58

    when is the release date?

    available in shops?


    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-11 上午10:59

      what is your email address? will send you the details through email.

  10. Günter Stark |

    2019-06-05 下午7:54

    Wow, kommt der Jester auch in Deutschland auf den Markt?
    Würde ihn sehr gerne haben

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-11 上午10:48


  11. Nille |

    2019-06-05 下午8:31

    yeah, this is what i‘m waiting for. i would like to test it.

  12. steola |

    2019-06-05 下午9:17


    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-11 上午10:48

      thank you

  13. Francesco Gianessi |

    2019-06-05 下午11:30

    Buonasera sarei interessato alla pod molto come posso aquistarla?

  14. Michaël |

    2019-06-06 上午1:42

    For so long I looked for a pod system, this is now the one I want! I’ll get one as soon as it sells in France ! (hopefully soon)

  15. Sven |

    2019-06-06 上午7:13

    Yes, yes, yes. I d like to test it. Thx

  16. Daniel |

    2019-06-06 下午3:08

    Hi ich würde gerne den pod testen bin großer Fan von euch

    Liebe Grüße

  17. Daniel |

    2019-06-06 下午4:24

    hi I would like to test the Jester pod I’m a big fan of you

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-11 上午10:46

      thank you

  18. Thorsten |

    2019-06-06 下午10:53

    Finally a Rebuildable Pod system. You are incredibly good. I would be very happy if I could test the pod system.

  19. Andrew |

    2019-06-07 上午10:26

    Can you send me price details and some better pictures please?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-11 上午10:46

      May I have your email please? so we can send you the details

  20. Pepi |

    2019-06-07 下午6:44

    😎😎😎😎😎 Want this

  21. e01 |

    2019-06-07 下午7:57

    Are the coils compatible with Nicolas MTL?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-11 上午10:44

      it’s different

  22. ros |

    2019-06-09 上午3:32

    when will this hit the markettttttttttt i need it

  23. Jorge |

    2019-06-10 上午5:22

    Maybe you can do it a 1.2 ohms coils to vape nicotine salts

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-11 上午10:43

      thank you for your advice.

  24. Stephan Schwarz |

    2019-06-10 下午10:48

    Very cool. I hope the kit is good.

  25. mike |

    2019-06-13 上午12:05

    whats the price and when will it be released? and can i buy it in bulk?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-13 上午9:44

      Hello, what is your email?


    2019-06-13 上午6:32

    hello i want this i from MALAYSIA

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-13 上午9:44

      Hello, may I have your email?

    2. Prashanth George |

      2019-07-21 下午6:41

      When will be available in Malaysia

      1. Lucy |

        2019-07-25 下午12:12

        coming soon, next month

  27. Emanuele |

    2019-06-13 下午8:14

    Hello what is your price with shipping in Italiy?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-14 上午11:05

      Hello,may I have your email, please? Will send you details by email.

      1. Hope |

        2019-06-20 上午2:30

        When’s the release date?

        1. Lucy |

          2019-06-27 上午11:22

          late July

  28. Pepi |

    2019-06-15 上午3:37

    hello, the price for Jester how much? thanks

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-15 上午10:43

      Hello, what is your email, please?

  29. Adam |

    2019-06-15 上午4:25

    Hey, what’s the price and release on this because I’m hyped. Also the shipping to the uk?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-15 上午10:39

      Hello, may I have your email, please?

  30. Kenji |

    2019-06-15 下午10:47

    Excellent work, Vapefly! This is supposed to be my dream pod system.
    please let me when this beauty is available for order?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-18 上午11:43

      will be available next month.

  31. Radge |

    2019-06-18 上午12:58

    Hi, can email me the details

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-18 上午11:41

      Hello, of course, what is your email address?

  32. Andrea |

    2019-06-24 下午9:10


    I’m an italian reviewer and vape shop product advisor. Could I have more information on release date, pricing etc. ?

    Thanks in advance.

  33. Jacques |

    2019-06-26 上午2:17

    I want this!!!! From South Africa

    1. Lucy |

      2019-06-27 上午11:24

      Thanks for your support, Vape King will have it.

  34. Bassem |

    2019-06-26 上午6:47

    When i can buy it in Egypt?

  35. Michael |

    2019-06-26 下午9:57

    when it will be available ?
    how can i get it in th uk ?

  36. KZOR |

    2019-06-30 下午5:21

    Hi Lucy
    I am a vape reviewer from South Africa.
    Very interested in the rebuildable aspect of the Jester.
    Would love to do a comparison review against the Smoant Pasito.
    Email me if you would interested in such a review.

  37. Izuan Rai |

    2019-07-02 下午8:13

    hello my name Izuan Rai can i review this product i am from malaysia

  38. Trafford Giles |

    2019-07-20 上午12:45

    email included, I’m a vape shop manager, I’m very interested in both a release date, and if your offering review samples of this system? if so I would be interested in one, to see if it would be right fot our shop.

  39. Jürgen Ebner |

    2019-07-23 下午5:47

    Hi, have you a release Date of the Vapefly Jester Mesh or Rebuildable Edition ?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-07-25 下午12:07

      It will release in next month

  40. Tomaz |

    2019-07-24 上午2:59

    Great looking POD.
    Does DIY pod have adjustable airflow?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-07-25 下午12:06

      DIY pod can’t adjust airflow, but meshed pod have adjustable airflow

  41. Giuliano |

    2019-07-25 上午12:00

    Hi, can you send me info about this?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-07-25 下午12:05

      hello, what do you need?and can you inform your email,please?

  42. Sebastian |

    2019-07-30 上午6:56

    Hey Builders,

    this is so amazng…PLS give me a try

    Coming from Germany and its very famous to be in the Scene since beginning


    Greets Sebastian

  43. Dennis |

    2019-07-31 下午7:59

    Hello, can you send me infos (release and prce) via e mail ? thx

  44. heri |

    2019-08-01 上午4:45

    can be used saltnic?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-08-07 下午4:47

      yes,it is

  45. Karrie |

    2019-08-03 上午9:21

    Can you please tell me release date && price for this for the USA? Thanks!!

    1. Lucy |

      2019-08-09 上午10:39

      Hello, demandvape will have it

  46. Karim |

    2019-08-08 上午3:58

    Price pls

  47. Mohamed ali |

    2019-08-08 上午7:29

    I want this product to see its price if possible

    1. Lucy |

      2019-08-22 上午11:57

      Hello, you can contact:sales@vapefly.com

  48. Khair |

    2019-08-08 下午4:44

    release date please and the price .. very good work .. we are waiting in middle east

    1. Lucy |

      2019-08-22 上午11:57

      it’s coming soon

  49. Dian |

    2019-08-08 下午11:03

    hello, how much the price this pod?
    i’m from indonesian,where i can get it?
    i think this is amazing pod system

  50. curt |

    2019-08-15 下午1:51

    When’s release date? I need this in my life

    1. Lucy |

      2019-08-23 下午12:21

      You will find it in your country soon. late Aug. If any question, you can ask at vapefly Facebook official Page.

  51. Haitham |

    2019-08-15 下午6:03

    hello, how much the price this pod?
    i’m from Egypt, where i can get it?

  52. Kevin Rae Capili |

    2019-08-16 上午11:22

    How much and where can I buy here in kuwait or on philippines..
    Email me the price.. thanks

  53. Ryan |

    2019-08-16 下午8:14

    Is this going to be available in Aus at any point soon?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-08-23 上午10:23

      Yes,it is. pls keep an eye on vapoureyes. You will find it soon.

  54. Karrie Bree Bundy |

    2019-08-16 下午8:18

    I would like to review this product please && thank you!!

    1. Lucy |

      2019-08-22 下午7:01

      Hi, you will find it in Europe soon after Aug.

  55. ascollani |

    2019-08-18 下午8:08

    how can i get it in indonesia ?

  56. Else |

    2019-08-19 上午12:13

    Wann wird er in Deutschland verfügbar sein???
    Würde den gerne testen

  57. haitham |

    2019-08-21 上午5:37

    when jester will be avialable in egypt

  58. Amr Haitham |

    2019-08-21 上午8:28

    what’s the price and what about shipping to Egypt

  59. Abby |

    2019-08-21 上午10:28

    Hi! I’m from Philippines. Where can I purchase your products? Thank you!

    1. Lucy |

      2019-08-22 下午12:31

      Hello, you will find it in the Philippines soon.

  60. Kevin Rae Capili |

    2019-08-21 下午1:21

    hello.. can you deliver vapefly jester in the philippines?? how much the delivery charge.. thanks

  61. Terry Lemaire |

    2019-08-22 上午2:25

    Hi all. I live in Longueuil Quebec Canada and I want to get this unit but can’t find it without paying big shipping costs and then to order the coils more shipping costs. Could you help me find out where I can get one.
    Thank you terry

    1. Lucy |

      2019-08-22 下午5:18

      Hi,dear,there are two channels you can try.one is from Chinese online shop:www.heavengifts.com ; the other is American online shop: http://www.Myvpro.com
      Pls contrast the shipping cost. Thank you for your attention.

  62. devon fourie |

    2019-08-22 上午8:05

    Love this device when will it be available in South Africa? or can i get one straight from you guys and when? i need this device yesterday already!!

  63. Mizan |

    2019-08-23 上午10:45

    How much it cost and how to purchase

    1. Lucy |

      2019-08-23 下午12:18

      Hello,may I know your country and I’ll recommend relative store. You can also follow vapefly Facebook official Page and leave message.

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