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Vapefly Horus RTA


Unique “b” airflow system makes air flow surrounding the coil to produce best flavor & No leakage 

Easy top filling with 4ml Capacity(TPD compliant with silicon part added)

Pierced design to avoid heat 

24K Gold plated single coil deck to offer stable vaping

Come with 810 Resin drip tip & 510 drip adapter

For wholesale please email to sales@vapefly.com

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  1. Eric Sievers |

    2018-03-10 上午5:10

    Awesome Tank!

    1. Lucy |

      2018-03-12 上午2:04

      Thanks for your support =)

  2. Will |

    2018-03-10 下午12:41

    This looks very interesting to a fan of top airflow rta’s like myself. The airflow design has really peaked my interest. Would have been nice if you had a video showing the Horus with a short demonstration. 😉

    1. Lucy |

      2018-03-12 上午2:06

      Hi Will , yes the top airflow makes no leakage.
      For the video , it will come out very soon,thanks for your advice !

  3. Makiwooki |

    2018-03-17 上午9:48

    I have pre-buy now. I Hope i will betterave than geekvape Zeus ?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-03-26 上午2:23

      Thanks for your supporting , Horus has the solid quality and great cloud & flavor

  4. Tobias dampft |

    2018-03-20 下午10:43

    Great RTA. If you remove the silicon part it is the same as shown above, right? Or is there another difference to the non TPD version?
    Will there be a mesh version too?
    I ordered it at gearbest and looking forward to test it.

    1. Lucy |

      2018-03-26 上午2:32

      Hi , thanks for asking. If remove the silicon part , it is the same as website shows =) There is no other difference to the no TPD version except the words on the package. We will consider mesh version on other items in the near future. Thank you !

  5. Sal Beg |

    2018-03-21 下午6:39

    Hi Lucy.
    I had already ordered mine from 3FVAPE, the small holes on the airflow cage will technically enhance the flavour…hope that it beats my obs nano engine 😉

    1. Lucy |

      2018-03-26 上午2:33

      Thank you ! Definitely will!

  6. Joe |

    2018-03-26 上午6:29

    When is the release date?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-04-02 上午8:31

      Hello , the Horus will be available in this month , you will get it soon =)

  7. Ben |

    2018-03-27 上午9:07

    When does The presale ends?! I orderd it ob everzone ?!
    More Promotion Videos pls ?!?!

    1. Lucy |

      2018-04-02 上午8:30

      Hello , the Horus will be available in this month , you will get it soon =)

  8. sebastian poland |

    2018-04-05 下午4:46

    can anyone have it to tell me if he is better than geekvape zeus rta ?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-04-10 上午9:32

      Of Course ! Not only the Flavor but also especially the looking

  9. Sly |

    2018-04-06 上午11:11

    I would so love to review this product for my new You Tube Channel..Thanks Vape Fly..

  10. Ari D |

    2018-04-10 下午10:45

    This is an absolute gorgeous looking atomizer. Definitely grabbing it as soon as it’s available!

    1. Lucy |

      2018-04-13 上午4:30

      Thank you !

  11. Joseph Denis |

    2018-04-20 上午6:17

    Any reason for it being delayed twice ?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-04-23 上午10:25

      Hi , we are sorry about that , Horus is a relatively high end product from vapefly , it needs special technology for that , we are sorry for that but surely you will love it when get in hand.

  12. Steve |

    2018-05-13 上午8:57

    I love this tank, the flavour us amazing and it looks so good, any chance you will bring out a bubble glass for it to make the liquid capacity more?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-05-13 下午10:19

      Hi Steve,
      Yes we will consider for that , thank you !

  13. Done |

    2018-05-29 下午12:41

    Looks pretty good, can you tell me what coils are those and their spects?
    Thank you.

    1. Lucy |

      2018-05-30 上午12:15

      Hello , this is an RTA , you can use the coil you like for it.

  14. steve |

    2018-07-12 上午4:40

    Any news on a bubble glass?

    1. Lucy |

      2018-07-16 下午1:14

      Yes we will soon release a tank that has the bubble glass can use to horus rta , and the bubble glass can be purchased seperately.

      1. Kristian |

        2018-10-18 下午10:59

        Hi! Can you tell me what the name of that tank ist, with the bubble glass that fits the Horus? Thanks! 🙂

  15. marion |

    2018-08-09 下午3:54


    I own a Horus rta and it’s really nice.
    I wonder what were the coils purchased with the Horus ? (type of wire and matter : kanthal, ss316, …) as they were very efficient, I would like to get the same wire 🙂
    Thank you.

    1. Lucy |

      2018-08-14 下午6:13

      Hello , can I know where you are located ?

  16. Timo |

    2018-09-04 下午9:30


    I really like the tank.
    Is there a date when he will be available in Germany?
    Or can i buy one in grey from your site?
    Thank you

  17. John |

    2018-10-24 下午8:14

    Really well designed rtas and rdas. Keep up the great work

  18. Konstantin |

    2019-09-15 下午3:36

    Hi, does the bubble glass of the galaxies rta fits the Horus?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-09-20 下午2:47

      sorry, it’s not

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