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Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit


  1. Ahmed Ghanimah |

    2019-06-26 上午6:33


  2. Tasha |

    2019-06-30 上午3:39

    Love the design.
    But is the kit compatible also with Nicolas 1,8ohm coils? If not why not?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-07-01 下午4:42

      Yes, it is, but would not recommend use 1.8Ohm coils on the galaxies kit.

  3. Melissa |

    2019-07-06 上午7:04

    Is the 0.5 ohm coil compatible with the Vapefly Nicolas that I own?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-07-25 下午2:20

      Hello, yes, it is

  4. Joe |

    2019-07-21 下午8:56

    Would the 0.5 mesh coils also work in the Nicolas tank?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-07-25 下午12:12

      Yes, they are compatible

  5. Sandra Henley-Smith |

    2019-08-18 上午6:03

    Hi, I really like the Galaxies MTL, the battery life is
    fantastic, and really like how the unit works overall
    and the size of it. My only issue is the size of this
    tank is a little small at only 1.8ml. I was wondering if
    the I can use the 5ml glass on this starter kit
    without changing to the MTL RTA part in full?

    1. Lucy |

      2019-08-22 上午10:11

      Hi,thanks for your interest,right now there isn’t 5ml glass for the galaxies starter kit

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